Comrade Liu Biao and His Delegation Investigated Zhongfu Libaodi

On June 6, 2018, a delegation led by Liu Biao, Vice President of China Building Materials and Secretary of the Party Committee of China Composite Materials, inspected and investigated Zhongfu Libodi. Shen Yaping, Deputy General Manager of China Composite Materials and Chairman of China Composite Lippo, Feng Guiyun, Financial Director of China Composite Materials, He Jixiu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Luo Haoyu, Assistant General Manager, Chairman of the Labor Union, and Fu Yihong, Director of the Party Committee Office, accompanied the survey.




At the production site of glass fiber felt, Liu Biao learned about the equipment, production process, and product performance of the glass fiber felt production line in detail, focusing on the application fields and market prospects of the product. When we learned that since the resumption of production of the glass fiber thin felt II line on April 23rd, in just over a month, we have achieved continuous, stable, and reliable operation of the production line, producing high-quality, environmentally friendly products, and achieving commendable results. He was very happy and gave full recognition. He requested that the follow-up key work should fully rely on equipment and technical advantages, fully exploit the market, especially strive for overseas high value-added large customers and large orders, and achieve full load operation of the production line as soon as possible. At the same time, he should accelerate the implementation of the upgrading and transformation of glass fiber thin felt line I, launch the feasibility study of planning the follow-up special thin felt project, in order to create a first-class environmental friendly thin felt and special thin felt research and development Build a manufacturing and logistics base.




Liu Biao was interested in having a detailed understanding of the company's active implementation of the circulating water treatment and drying furnace renovation and upgrading project. When I learned that the circulating water treatment system has achieved zero discharge of industrial wastewater from production, and effectively fulfilled the responsibilities of central enterprises; "The renovation of the drying furnace has effectively reduced the cost of gas, electricity, and labor, and significantly improved production efficiency. Therefore, he fully affirmed and highly praised it.".




At the subsequent research seminar, Liu Biao carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of more than 20 department assistants or management backbones of the company.

He said that after taking office in China Composite Materials, he went to Changzhou Zhongfu Libaodi on his first business trip to do research, visit and comfort everyone, and cheer on the company's reform and development.

He pointed out that although today's visit was short, after watching the scene and listening to everyone's speeches, I was deeply impressed. The development of the company up to now can be summarized by two "no's" (that is, not easy, not simple):

Not easy. Every enterprise has different difficulties and characteristics at different times. The company gradually developed and expanded from 1952 to today, which is not easy; The company's predecessor was the only one in the four bankrupt enterprise series announced by the former National Building Materials Bureau in 1999, which has been struggling tenaciously and developing to the present day. It is not easy.

Not simple. First, although the company is in a difficult period of reform and development, its cadres and employees have a good mental outlook and a smile on their faces, which is not simple; The second is that the company has a young team with vitality and heritage, and has a good foundation for undertaking and entrepreneurship, which is not simple; The third is a strong corporate cultural atmosphere, with a good heritage of Chinese building materials culture, which has a subtle impact on every employee. It is not simple; Fourth, we have done a good job in party building work, and party building propaganda has been done so that it is not simple to hang on the wall and remember it in mind; Fifth, everyone has full confidence in the future development, with one mind and one effort. It is not simple for the company to unite well from top to bottom.

Regarding how to do a good job in the next step of the company, he emphasized:

First, recognize the situation and implement it well. It is necessary to earnestly study and implement the important speech spirit of Chairman Song Zhiping and General Manager Cao Jianglin, and recognize the overall development situation of the group company. To build a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness and embark on a high-quality development path, the group company needs to integrate various business segments in the next step. The company should put its work into action, implement it in the decision-making and deployment of the group company, seize the restructuring opportunities, strive to open up the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and do a good job in industry-university-research collaboration.

Second, we need to take multiple measures simultaneously to do a good job in production and management. To clarify the relationship between operation and management, the first person in charge is the operator, and then the manager. Leading cadres should concentrate on the market, order, price, and cost, keep a close eye on key customers and orders, and recover customers lost during the shutdown period, so as to achieve stable price increases and stable cost decreases, and "stop bleeding" as soon as possible and get out of trouble as soon as possible.

Third, focus on key points and focus on fine management. In accordance with the overall requirements of the group company, we should do a good job in the special work of "double reduction, four reduction". The old "four reduction" (reducing institutions, reducing levels, reducing redundancy, and reducing buses) and the new "four reduction" (reducing legal persons, reducing receivables, reducing inventory, and reducing interest-bearing liabilities) should be jointly managed, and we should seek ways to implement and promote the reduction work in 2018 to ensure that one legal entity of a commercial company is reduced. Focus on the "5+10" KPI indicators and find benefits in management.

Fourth, we must take the overall situation into account and focus on transformation and development. Reform and restructuring are at a critical stage. It is necessary to have a holistic view, a clear mind, a structured approach, mutual support, and mutual tolerance, so that the overall situation is subordinate to the overall situation, and individual interests are subordinate to the overall interests. Considering the overall situation, there are both costs and benefits. The company's product positioning is moving towards the middle and high end of the value chain, which is very accurate and fully supported. The next step is to further expand the application field of glass fiber felt, striving to become one end of the group company's export industry chain, taking a boat to sea, going abroad, and expanding overseas markets.

Five must, two grasp, two promote, do a good job in party building. Production, management, and party building work should be carried out with both hands and promoted. Leading cadres should have dual responsibilities in one position, want to do things, be able to do things, accomplish things, have no accidents, have achievements, and dare to assume responsibility. They should persevere in the construction of a clean and honest party style, persevere in the work of safe production, and keep the alarm bells ringing. The work is complicated, so we should learn to "play the piano" and make overall plans. Next January, when the company's Party committee expires, it is necessary to change its term. It is necessary to prepare and plan early, and improve the construction of the company's leadership team as soon as possible.

He emphasized that the headquarters will, as always, provide good service and support to everyone, and do a good job of coordination and coordination to fully support the reform and development of the company.

Shen Yaping presided over the research seminar and made a summary of the meeting.

He pointed out that today's research seminar was very successful and successful. Everyone can speak actively, speak enthusiastically, speak freely, offer suggestions, and fully integrate their own work practices. They are full of confidence in the future development of the company. They have both ideas and methods, and have a strong desire to compete for breath and "seize the opportunity" to put the company on a sustainable and high-quality development track as soon as possible. After the meeting, the company should immediately organize the spirit of the speeches made by Mr. Liu and his leaders, quickly convey and implement them as soon as possible. At the same time, it should organize a summary of everyone's opinions and suggestions, organize thematic discussions, analyze, and judge, and combine the actual work situation to turn good opinions and suggestions into practical actions, so as to achieve results as soon as possible.

He emphasized that 2018 is a year of great achievements for the company. We need to deeply study, understand, implement and implement the spirit of Chairman Song Zhiping's important speech, closely follow the work deployment and arrangement of General Manager Cao Jianglin, and deeply understand, resolutely implement, and vigorously implement the clear requirements put forward by General Manager Liu today for the company's next work. We must always adhere to the basic principles of China's building materials business management, closely focus on the company's development goals for glass fiber felt, adhere to the problem orientation, highlight production and operation, "complement weaknesses, strengths, and weaknesses", strive for large customers and orders in the market and on the front line, develop environmentally friendly and special thin felt well, and firmly move towards the middle and high-end end of the value chain.

He requested that the company should, on the basis of continuing to carry out "three comparisons" (i.e., comparing work, performance, and dedication), "three tree" (i.e., establishing integrity, image, and model) job competitions, and "refining the first, understanding the second, and understanding the third" job training activities, widely carry out "emancipating the mind and thinking big discussion" activities, further unleash ideological vitality, pool development efforts, and unswervingly take the path of innovative development, Promote high-quality development of the company. Firstly, we should improve our political standing and strengthen the firmness of emancipating the mind; The second is to highlight the problem orientation and find the focus of emancipating the mind; Third, efforts should be made to solve difficult problems and improve the effectiveness of emancipating the mind; Fourth, it is necessary to strengthen organizational promotion and boost the spirit and spirit of officers and entrepreneurs. It is necessary to fully rely on the broad masses of employees, consolidate the foundation for emancipating the mind, enhance the realm of emancipating the mind, highlight practical and practical results, truly provide opportunities and a stage for those management backbones who "want to do things, can do things, do things successfully, do nothing, and work together", truly form a strong atmosphere of "working together, working together, and working together", and strive to fully achieve the company's operational goals and tasks in 2018.

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