40 key polluting industrial enterprises in cities in Hebei will be relocated or closed down

Li Hongfeng, a reporter based in Hebei, reported that recently, Hebei Province issued the "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Ecological Environment Protection and Firmly Fighting the Struggle for Pollution Prevention and Control", proposing that in the next three years, Hebei Province will mainly complete the relocation or shutdown of 40 key polluting industrial enterprises in cities designated by the province. At least 14 of them will be implemented in 2018; Implemented in 7 companies in 2019; In 2020, 19 enterprises will be implemented. According to the plan, the relocation, renovation, or closure of key polluting industrial enterprises in urban built-up areas in Hebei Province will focus on steel, cement, flat glass, coking, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries; Other industrial enterprises that are not suitable for development in the main urban area will be included in the scope of relocation from the city according to the actual situation.

According to the requirements of the Opinions, measures such as complete closure, transformation and development, on-site transformation, and relocation outside the region should be taken to promote transformation and upgrading of iron and steel enterprises. For iron and steel enterprises located in or around the main urban area or county seat of a divided city, if they do not have the intention to relocate or do not have the value and conditions for relocation, they will gradually be shut down or transformed into production; For those with relocation value and conditions, it is necessary to promote the overall relocation or retreat from cities and parks to coastal port or resource rich areas on the premise of reduction and adjustment. In 2018, strive to complete the relocation of Hebei Zongheng Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. from the city. By 2020, projects such as the one-step Beijing Tang Phase II project of Shougang, the environmental relocation of Shigang, the withdrawal of Jinan Iron and Steel from the city to the park, and the overall relocation of Taihang Iron and Steel will be completed.

Support coking enterprises to adjust with the adjustment of the layout of the steel industry through reduction and replacement; Encourage coking enterprises to withdraw from main urban areas; Promote the gathering of coke production capacity to five major groups (Hegang, Shougang, Xuyang, Jizhong Energy, Kailuan Group), coal chemical bases, and steel coke integrated enterprises.

For cement industry clinker and grinding station enterprises in special environmentally sensitive areas, ecologically fragile areas, and main urban areas such as the capital ring, provincial capital ring, and Zhangjiakou City, enterprises are encouraged to accelerate their exit or relocation and transformation through mergers and acquisitions, volume reduction, and replacement, to form a "Yanshan Taihang Mountain" belt point cluster.

Accelerate the promotion of Shahe glass enterprises retreating from cities and entering parks, and create glass industry clusters in Shahe and Jidong. By 2020, all the flat glass production lines in the main urban area of Shahe City will be withdrawn, and the glass enterprises that have moved from the city to the park will be replaced by capacity reduction.

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