Shandong Issued "45 Articles" to Support High Quality Development of the Real Economy

On September 27th, Shandong Provincial Government released "Several Policies to Support the High Quality Development of the Real Economy" (LZF [2018] No. 21), which includes 8 parts and 45 articles, including "Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industrial Upgrade, Investment Promotion, Talent Recruitment, Financial Support, Land Supply, and Institutional Guarantee".

According to Several Policies, starting from October 1, 2018, four industries including coal, steel, nonferrous metals, and building materials will be fully liberalized to enter the electricity trading market, and users with a voltage level of 10 kV or above and an annual electricity consumption of over 5 million kWh will be promoted to enter the electricity trading market; Encourage enterprises to implement technological transformation. For technical transformation projects completed after January 1, 2018, if they meet certain conditions, and have been verified by relevant departments, they will be fully rewarded with 50% of the newly added local financial resources generated after the technological transformation for three consecutive years; Support the transformation and development of enterprises, improve policies and promotion mechanisms, classify and level, actively and steadily promote the reform of mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises; We will strengthen the integration of state-owned enterprises' stock assets, resolutely exit inefficient, ineffective assets, and long-term loss businesses, deepen and refine our main businesses, and vigorously cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries.

"Several Policies" emphasize the need to improve enterprise energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, technology, and safety access standards. In accordance with the requirements of the work plan of Shandong Province to use comprehensive standards to promote the withdrawal of backward production capacity in accordance with laws and regulations, the comprehensive standard evaluation of key industries such as steel, coal, cement, electrolytic aluminum, and flat glass will be completed in the first half of 2019, and those that do not meet the standards will be rectified within a time limit or shut down for elimination.

"Several Policies" also emphasizes that before the end of September 2018, Shandong Province should establish a joint meeting system for high-quality development of the real economy, with leaders of the provincial government as the convener, and relevant departments and units of the provincial government as members. According to work needs, relevant enterprises, associations, think tanks, alliances, etc. are invited to participate in regular joint meetings to study and solve the difficulties and problems in the development of the real economy. For major issues, policies, and projects, the "one matter, one discussion" approach is adopted to study and formulate relevant policies.

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