Sichuan strictly controls construction projects such as new and expanded cement

At the first plenary meeting of the sixth session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Sichuan Provincial People's Congress held recently, the director of the Sichuan Provincial Environmental Protection Department, Yu Huiwen, was entrusted by the provincial government to explain the "Implementation Measures of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Sichuan Province" (revised draft).

It is understood that the revised draft implementation measures have made significant adjustments. Firstly, the responsibilities of the government and departments for air pollution prevention and control have been further clarified; The second is to further refine the management system and measures, and strengthen the regulatory means; The third is to highlight the prevention and control of air pollution in key regions, key fields, key industries, and key periods; Fourth, increased measures to deal with heavy pollution weather; Fifth, public participation has been strengthened and penalties for illegal acts have been increased.

The revised draft clearly states that within the key areas for air pollution prevention and control designated by Sichuan Province, measures such as regional overall planning, comprehensive planning, and joint prevention and control systems, special emission limits for air pollutants, stricter motor vehicle emission standards, and regional approval limits will be implemented; For cities with concentrated populations, scientific planning of urban space and industrial layout should be implemented, and strict control should be exercised over the construction and expansion of projects with serious atmospheric pollution such as steel, petrochemical, chemical, nonferrous metal smelting, cement, flat glass, building ceramics, etc; It is stipulated that enterprises with serious air pollution in urban built-up areas should gradually relocate, transform, or exit through transformation in a planned manner; Delineation of urban high pollution fuel prohibition zones, etc. At the same time, the measures for preventing and controlling air pollution in key areas and industries have been refined, and measures for responding to heavily polluted weather have been added. It is proposed to establish an emergency early warning mechanism for heavily polluted weather, improve emergency plans and emergency response measures. Considering the differences in atmospheric environmental carrying capacity in different seasons, local governments are required to implement staggered peak production by enterprises in key industries before the formation of heavily polluted weather, reduce the accumulation of pollutants, and reduce the impact of heavily polluted weather. While improving the punishment standards and intensifying the crackdown on environmental violations, the revised draft also proposes the establishment of a system of award-winning reporting and the appointment of social supervisors to carry out air pollution prevention and control supervision. (Liu Jia)

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