Notice on important matters of epidemic prevention and control

Recently there have been multiple points in the country to disseminate new crown pneumonia cases or even localized aggregated outbreaks. Now is the winter, is an important point in the prevention and control of the epidemic, to strictly implement early detection, early reporting, early isolation, early treatment, without relaxation to grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic. To further improve the current and future period of "knowable and controllable, precise prevention and control" work, resolutely prevent paralysis and slackness and aversion to war and relaxation, all cadres and staff should have a high degree of political acumen, insight and the spirit of responsibility, all departments should effectively perform their duties, tighten and compact responsibility, resolutely put an end to formalism, bureaucracy, must not have Any oversight, once there is an emergency situation to deal with quickly and decisively. According to the changes and characteristics of the epidemic situation, the prevention and control work should be done in a more targeted manner.
In order to implement the spirit of the notices of CNBM Group and local governments at all levels to deal with the epidemic prevention and control work, fully implement the company's "faster, stricter, more detailed and more realistic" work requirements, ensure the safe and stable operation of the company, and protect the lives and health of you and your family, we hereby notify the following important matters on the epidemic prevention and control:
A. Strictly control the management of foreign personnel and vehicles. From the high- and medium-risk areas to the company personnel and vehicles are not allowed to enter the park. Other people and vehicles must enter and exit from the south gate of the park. Foreign personnel must fill out the "Visitor Reception Approval Form" and be approved by the company's leadership before entering the park, and be recorded by the Enterprise Management Department. When entering the park, vehicles need to be strictly disinfected and personnel need to register information, take temperature measurement and check health code, etc., and then be accompanied by the receptionist to the designated place for business, and both parties should wear good masks during the reception process. Vehicles transporting raw materials and equipment to the company should be strictly controlled, with the conditions of the company's internal vehicles to the park outside the main gate for short barge unloading, large objects really need to be sent to the production site, after the standard registration by a person to guide, unloading immediately after leaving. Vehicles coming to the company for shipment shall refer to the above requirements. According to the actual situation of the epidemic, the management requirements of foreign personnel and foreign vehicles in the park will be adjusted at any time.
When entering the park for inspection, people with symptoms of cold, cough and fever will be advised to seek medical treatment at the fever clinic and will not be allowed to enter the park.
Second, strict control of foreign goods (express) management. Employees are not allowed to mail their personal online goods and express goods to the company, and the person in charge of each department is the first person responsible for the management of foreign goods. If a private courier is found to be sent to the park, the gatekeeper will refuse to accept it, and at the same time, the performance assessment salary of the month will be deducted from the person in charge of the department. The company needs to travel in pairs when picking up online shopping items, and should wear masks and gloves when unsealing the outer packaging, and seal the outer packaging and concentrate on processing.
Third, the overall strengthening of the canteen management
1、Reasonable adjustment of meal supply. Self-service, scattered dining, at least 1 meter distance between two people, each table dining personnel control within four people (according to the dynamic changes of the epidemic situation at any time to adjust), to avoid pile-up dining, dining conversation is prohibited. Employees are forbidden to go out to dine freely. In principle, outsiders are not allowed to dine in the company, but if they really need to dine due to work needs, the reception department will apply to the Administration and Personnel Department in advance, and after approval and consent, designate a person to dine in the specified area after playing meals with disposable tableware alone.
2、Cafeteria staff management. The canteen staff is managed according to the requirements related to epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen staff training on epidemic prevention and control to ensure that they have the necessary protective skills, ensure that they maintain a health certificate to be on duty, strictly prohibit staff with symptoms such as cold, fever, cough and diarrhea from being on duty, and must wear protective masks and gloves and disposable protective caps during work.
3, raw material control of ingredients. Check food warehouses thoroughly and clean up rotten and expired food in a timely manner. During the epidemic prevention and control period, avoid making cold food, raw food, cold processed pastry and other high-risk foods. It is strictly forbidden to keep livestock, poultry and pets in food processing places, and to buy, slaughter live poultry and wild animals. Do not buy imported frozen food of unknown origin, and strictly implement the system of incoming inspection of food purchases and demand for certificates and tickets, and go out to purchase, should wear protective masks and do the relevant registration at the gatekeeper.
4. Standardize operating behavior. Staff should maintain personal hygiene and do hand washing and disinfection as required. Vegetables, poultry and aquatic products and other food materials to be washed and cut separately, food and its utensils storage, use to do raw, cooked separately. Food should be cooked thoroughly, the temperature of the center of the food should reach 70 ℃ or more, and according to the provisions of the food samples.
5, do a good job of disinfection of catering utensils. Used catering utensils, food processing utensils containers, in accordance with the "flush two wash three disinfection four cleaning" requirements for cleaning, to ensure that the disinfection cabinet disinfection 15 minutes, stored in a closed facility to implement cleaning. To strengthen the standard management of detergents and disinfectants during the epidemic prevention and control, to prevent misuse.
Fourth, strict business trip approval. No business trips to high-risk areas in the epidemic and no non-essential trips to the province. Any personnel must apply to the Administration and Personnel Department before going on a business trip, stating the destination, via place, time and duration of the business trip, and be approved by the main leaders of the company before traveling. After the return of the management of travelers, depending on the dynamic changes of the epidemic to put forward the corresponding requirements.
V. Strict management of going out. In principle, employees are not allowed to leave the company during working hours. If they really need to leave due to work, they should be released after the approval of the main leaders by the Administration and Personnel Department, and the doorman should make the relevant entry and exit records and perform the inspection and registration procedures again when they return to the company.
Sixth, strictly prevent the gathering of personnel. Office, production site of more than one person working at the same time, try to maintain a distance of more than 1.5 meters. Promote online office, stop the annual meeting and other gathering activities. If it is necessary to hold offline meetings, the company's leaders in charge will approve the meetings for less than 20 people. 20 people (including) or more than 100 people must be reported to the company chairman for approval. A single meeting of more than 100 people (including) must submit a written application to the emergency command of the district where the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control is held, and strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, and must do a good job of protective measures and maintain a safe distance.
Seven, strengthen the company's vehicle management. Drivers should wear protective masks when going to work, and the car should be equipped with protective masks, gloves and disinfectant. Vehicle access to the strict implementation of the approval system, in addition to picking up and dropping off personnel is strictly prohibited to ride on extraneous people. Drivers must disinfect the vehicles they drive after work.
VIII. Comprehensive disinfection and protection. The Administration and Personnel Department will designate a person to conduct a comprehensive disinfection and protection of the company's internal facilities once a week, especially for the foyer, hallways, elevators, meeting rooms, workshops, high distribution, bathrooms, production facilities, canteens, etc., to ensure that they meet the safety conditions for epidemic prevention and control. Strengthen natural ventilation and air exchange in the workplace, and do a good job of keeping individuals warm during ventilation. Do a good job of opening windows for ventilation and disinfection when going out.
IX. Collect discarded masks and gloves at fixed points. Set up 4 special collection points for discarded masks and gloves (janitorial, office building, glass fiber thin felt division, cafeteria), and urge Beixin Flooring to set up points where all personnel must be discarded at fixed points and disinfected regularly by cleaning personnel wearing protective masks and gloves, and unified collection, unified treatment and unified destruction.
X. Epidemic prevention materials management, isolation room preparation. Disposable medical masks, disposable latex gloves, goggles, spare infrared thermometers, no-rinse disinfectant hand sanitizer, antibacterial hand sanitizer, 84 disinfectant and other epidemic emergency supplies should ensure adequate reserves, with a reserve of not less than 30 days, and timely dynamic replenishment. Do a good job in the management and distribution of epidemic prevention materials. Prepare one male and one female isolation room on the second floor of the company's garage in advance.
XI. Do a good job of information communication and coordination. Ensure smooth information flow with the relevant epidemic prevention and control departments of Changzhou City and Zhonglou District Government and China Composite, and report the suspected personnel and home quarantine personnel, etc. The major epidemic prevention actions must be highly consistent with the government epidemic prevention actions to avoid delayed or deviated actions.
12. Raise awareness of prevention among employees and their families. Employees' spouses and children living together on business trips need to be filed beforehand, and the travel trajectory should be explained afterwards, and all should be reported to the Enterprise Management Department of the company. Actively advocate employees and their families to spend the holidays locally, not to travel out of the country (except Macau) or to domestic high-risk areas, visiting relatives, suggesting that employees do not leave their regular non-essential, reduce unnecessary gatherings, less piling up, not gathering. If you really need to spend the holidays in other places, depending on the dynamic changes in the epidemic situation, strict approval must be reported to the company's main leadership for approval before leaving the normal.
All employees should effectively understand the situation, raise awareness, unify ideas, strengthen organizational leadership, layers of solid responsibility, timely adoption of various preventive and control measures, improve the ability to prevent and control the epidemic, to ensure that the company's epidemic prevention and control, production and operation prudent, safe and orderly.
XIII. Strengthen the process of control on the way to and from work. Employees are required to fix the route to and from work, strictly wear protective masks and gloves on the way, and reduce the time spent outside after work. Try not to take public transportation on the way, it is recommended to walk, ride or drive to and from work, advocate single self-driving, such as when you must take public transportation, to do a good job of protective measures, try to avoid touching the items on the car with your hands.
XIV. Strengthen personal protective measures. Advocate that all employees wear protective masks and gloves during work, and not repeatedly or cross-use. According to the real-time changes in the epidemic, adjust whether to implement the wearing of masks throughout the day. All bathrooms are equipped with disinfectant hand sanitizer, wash hands strictly in accordance with the seven-step method, and wash hands before meals, after toileting, and after contact with public equipment. When sneezing and coughing use tissues or elbow area (not hands) to completely cover mouth and nose, put used tissues in closed trash cans, and wash hands thoroughly with soap or hand sanitizer. Take your body temperature at least once a day.
XV. Management of Beixin flooring in the park
Ltd. to attach great importance to the North New Resilient Flooring, active cooperation, strict implementation, implementation of the ground, to ensure that the prevention and control mechanism in place, the implementation of responsibility in place, staff screening in place, facilities and materials in place, internal management in place, especially reminded to ensure that the following key work:
1. Strengthen employment management. Ensure the stability of employment, reasonable arrangements for outsourcing services, and reduce the risk of epidemic brought about by the movement of personnel.
2. Strengthen dining management. Maintain a safe distance and standardize the management of canteen staff, ingredients and tableware.
3、Strengthen the management of entering and leaving the park. During non-working hours, outsiders and vehicles are not allowed to enter or leave the park in principle. If you need to enter or leave the park for work reasons, you should submit an application to our Corporate Management Department in advance and report to our main leader for approval before arranging a special person (Beixin Land Material) to follow and supervise the whole process.
The company will adjust the epidemic prevention and control requirements and release relevant information in a timely manner according to the dynamic changes of the epidemic.
We hereby notify.

Changzhou Zhongfu Libodi Composite Material Co.
January 11, 2021    

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