China Building Materials Corporation Held 2021 Annual Performance Conference










On March 25, China National Building Materials Corporation (HK.03323, hereinafter referred to as "CNBM") released its annual results announcement for 2021. Chen Xue'an, Executive Director, Xiao Jiaxiang, Executive Director, Vice President and General Counsel Wang Bing, Chief Accountant and Secretary to the Board of Directors Pei Hongyan, Vice President Xue Zhongmin, and Vice President Liu Yan attended the meeting.






●  In 2021, in the face of challenges such as the impact of the global epidemic, the rising cost of raw materials and the tightening of double control of energy consumption, the management of the company, together with all employees, overcame difficulties, forged ahead, concentrated their efforts, sought progress in a stable manner, and thoroughly implemented the Group's 4335 guiding principles, and exceeded the annual production and operation tasks.


●  Basic building materials remain stable, and the role of "ballast" continues to be solid; new materials are growing strongly, and the efficiency of support is increasing; engineering services are steadily improving, and the dual carbon policy is helping development.


 The company's main business structure continues to be optimized, and its operating performance has achieved another record, with revenue of RMB273.683 billion in 2021, up 7.4% year-on-year; net profit of RMB25.619 billion, up 18.3% year-on-year; attributable net profit of RMB16.218 billion, up 29.1% year-on-year, with the increase in attributable net profit greater than the increase in revenue, showing the momentum of high-quality development; net cash flow from operating activities Net cash flow from operating activities was RMB 50.089 billion, maintaining a solid level. The company completed cement clinker sales of 373 million tons, commercial mix sales of 112 million cubic meters, aggregate sales of 104 million tons, gypsum board sales of 2,378 million square meters, glass fiber yarn sales of 3,091,800 tons, wind power blade sales of 1,589 GW, and engineering service revenue of 46.906 billion yuan.




Chang Zhangli introduced the company's business development in 2021:

Basic building materials segment

Deepen the structural reform on the supply side, resolutely implement peak production and industry self-regulation, and strive to build a healthy industry ecology; continuously optimize the capital layout, build a cement listed company with a national layout mainly with New Tianshan Cement, and reorganize Henan Tongli to enhance the regional voice; vigorously develop the "cement+" business, increase aggregate resource reserves, and continuously Promote the transformation and upgrading of cement business; Deeply promote the "three fine management", resolutely benchmark the industry first-class, and help to achieve quality and efficiency improvement.

New Materials Segment

Gypsum board continued to consolidate its business advantages and accelerate the development of "Gypsum Board+" business; glass fiber production and sales structure continued to be optimized, with the best production and sales volume in the history of the same period; wind power blades strengthened its core competitive advantages, and the sales volume of offshore wind power blades increased significantly; lithium battery diaphragm profitability continued to improve, and several billion-square-meter production bases were built; waterproof business completed the first phase of restructuring and integration, and realized the layout of 15 industrial bases nationwide; carbon fiber production and sales were robust, and the volume and price increased, and Zhongfu Shenying built the largest 10,000-ton carbon fiber production base in China.

Engineering Technology Services Segment

Grasping the opportunity of double carbon policy, production and operation steadily moved forward and new contracts were signed at a record high; continuously promoting digital and intelligent transformation, building new intelligent manufacturing benchmarks based on projects such as Huai Kan South and Yushan South; business integration was successfully concluded, integrating cement mining engineering and mining service assets and optimizing engineering technology service industry chain.




Zhou Yuxian said that CNBM shares will continue to promote operation and management, innovation and transformation, deepen reform and strengthen party construction in 2021, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to all parties concerned who have cared and supported the company's development for a long time, and exchanged views with investors on the company's future development strategy.

1. CNBM will continue to focus on the three business platforms, further optimize resource allocation, and continue to strengthen and optimize the main business. Facing the situation that the cement industry is at a plateau in demand, CNBM will strengthen its position as the "ballast" of basic building materials through the three major tail factors of "cement+", internationalization and double carbon. For "Cement+", we will accelerate the development of aggregates and special cements, optimize the layout of commercial mix business, and promote the transformation and upgrading of cement business. In terms of internationalization, we will explore the combination of asset-light and asset-heavy models for overseas expansion by combining the overseas operation and maintenance business of the engineering and technology service segment. In terms of double carbon, we will grasp the opportunity of green development and give full play to the world's leading cement manufacturing technology to realize the green development of cement enterprises and carbon trading to generate revenue and increase efficiency.

2. Rapidly develop the new materials segment, continuously increase the percentage of net profit contribution, promote the internationalization of new materials development, maintain the leading position of gypsum board, glass fiber and wind power blades in the world, and continue to promote the expansion and upgrade of overseas projects and global layout. Create a ladder product portfolio and cultivate a number of new material reserves with extensive application prospects and huge growth space around high-end, mass production and globalization. With the Group's strength, through the Group's new materials industry fund, invest and incubate non-securitized projects to promote the transformation and upgrading of scientific and technological innovation.

3. On the basis of maintaining its global leading position, the engineering and technology service segment further expands its main business and lays out new tracks to achieve two major functions: Firstly, by strengthening top-level design, it provides advanced support for the stable development of basic building materials segment in terms of scientific and technological innovation, technological transformation, transformation and upgrading, energy saving and consumption reduction, double carbon development and collaborative disposal. Secondly, it insists on globalization, territorialization and diversification positioning to escort the international operation and give full play to the synergy effect.



Zhou Yuxian stressed that CNBM shares will continue to deepen reform, fully complete the three-year action plan for state-owned enterprise reform, increase the coverage of medium and long-term incentives, and strengthen scientific and technological research, serve major national strategies, and realize the industrialization of innovation achievements. As the major shareholder, the Group will, as always, fully support the development of CNBM shares in terms of technological innovation, industrial incubation and intangible asset synergy. CNBM will tell the story of transformation and upgrading, scientific and technological innovation and reform and development through practical actions, strengthen market value management, and walk steadily on the road of commitment to value creation and shareholder return and building a world-class materials enterprise.



Over 300 people from internationally renowned investment banks, institutional investors, individual investors and analysts attended the conference and had in-depth exchanges with the management on industry development, company operation and strategy, state-owned enterprise reform, market value management and other aspects. They congratulated CNBM on its excellent performance, fully affirmed the remarkable results of the company in high-quality development and internal quality and efficiency improvement, and expressed their confidence in the industry outlook and the future development of the company.


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