A letter to the scientific and technological workers of China Building Materials Group

All science and technology workers of the Group:

On the occasion of the sixth National Science and Technology Workers' Day, on behalf of CNBM Group, I would like to extend our greetings to all the science and technology workers!

In the past year, CNBM Group has deeply implemented the instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "central enterprises should take up the heavy burden, dare to take the lead and be the source of original technology", and actively built the original technology source in the field of inorganic non-metallic materials in accordance with the relevant work plan of SASAC, and was selected as the first batch of original technology source of central enterprises, and organized We have been selected as one of the first original technology curators of the central enterprises, and have organized the group's original technology curators and key core technology research "to unveil the list and hang up the command". We advocate openness in scientific research, practice the new national system of scientific and technological innovation, and carry out joint research with 90 units such as relevant research institutes, universities and enterprises. The Group has given 340 million yuan to the project of unveiling the list as the "seed" fund, the first 114 million yuan has been fully allocated, and the innovative "seed" fund is focused on the direction of scientific research and performance rewards for scientific backbone personnel.

Over the past year, the Group has deepened the reform of science and technology system and mechanism, and promoted the implementation of incentive and guarantee mechanism for science and technology innovation of central enterprises. The Group has given young and middle-aged scientific workers the opportunity to take up big responsibilities in the original technology curation and key core technology research. According to statistics, the average age of 810 scientific research backbones is 40, with 74% of the backbones under 45 and 35% under 35. We expand the independent authority of research projects, stimulate and guide teachers to lead apprentices, strengthen basic research, and give the technical person in charge of the project full independent authority in the management of funds, performance expenditures, etc.; increase the incentive of scientific researchers, 30% of the group's special funds can be used as performance rewards for project/project leaders, scientific research backbone, etc., not counted in the total salary of their units.

The Group's scientific and technological workers overcome difficulties and promote the Group's high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement. General Secretary Xi Jinping fully affirmed the Group's scientific and technological innovation achievements at the National "13th Five-Year Plan" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition and the Lunar Exploration Project Achievement Exhibition. The Group has fully exceeded the six tasks of SASAC and won the commendation of SASAC for many times; it has formulated the first international standard in the field of carbon fiber in China, and two achievements have won the first prize of national scientific and technological progress and the second prize of technical invention respectively. Low-heat cement helps Baihetan to build a "seamless dam", overcome the world problem of high-discharge nuclear waste liquid glass curing and help to achieve zero breakthrough in China's high-discharge waste liquid treatment capacity, neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass escorts the production of domestic new crown vaccine, Xining 10,000-ton carbon fiber base was selected as one of the "Top Ten Super Projects of Central Enterprises "A large number of new materials and technologies are widely used in the space station, Shenzhou spacecraft, Tianqin 1, weapons and other major national projects. Leading the national major research project, promoting the CR929 wide-body passenger aircraft fuselage materials and structure and other key core technologies; T800 carbon fiber reached the international first-class level and was pre-approved by China Commercial Aviation PCD. The company took the lead in building the first national public service platform of "double carbon" in raw material industry, and carried out research and development on low carbon zero carbon, negative carbon, CCUS, hydrogen fuel substitution, key technologies and standards.

On May 17, Hao Peng, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of SASAC, visited the Group for research and proposed that "we should insist on scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement, and accelerate the creation of a source of original technology for key materials." . We hope that the group's science and technology workers will be mindful of the "greatness of the country", raise their political status, resolutely act as the national team and the main force in the field of comprehensive materials, and build the "greatness of the country"; focus on the group's main responsibility, adhere to the problem-oriented, demand-oriented, strengthen basic research and Focus on the group's main responsibility, adhere to the problem-oriented, demand-oriented, strengthen the basic and applied basic research, carry out key core technology research, build the original technology curator in the field of non-metallic materials industry, make new and greater contributions to the construction of a world class materials industry investment group with global competitiveness, and welcome the victory of the 20th Party Congress with excellent achievements!

Finally, I wish all science and technology workers good health, good work and happy holidays!


Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board

China National Building Materials Group Co.  

May 30, 2022




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