Welcoming the 20th National Congress丨ZDF Sinoma carried out the theme of "Party Flag Flying, Striving for Me" on the Party Day and the party secretary lectured on site.

In order to celebrate the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, to stimulate all party members and youths to love the party and the country and to be enthusiastic in their work, to create a strong atmosphere of advancing into a new journey, creating new performance and showing new action, and to greet the victory of the 20th Party Congress with excellent achievements, on July 15, ZFSC organized some party members and youths to go to Qu Qubai Memorial Hall in the scorching sun and high temperature. On July 15, Zhongfu New Material organized some party members and youths to go to Qu Qubai Memorial Hall to carry out the theme of "Party Flag Flying, Striving for Me" and the party secretary's on-site lecture. Shen Yaping, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the company, members of the company's leadership team and some party members and young people participated in the activity.
Always follow the party, youth and start again
--Secretary of the Party Committee gave a lecture on the group
Shen Yaping gave a lecture at the site of Qu Qiubai Memorial Hall, and once again studied and understood the history of the development of the Communist Youth League and the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at the conference celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Youth League, closely following the requirements of the youth spiritual literacy improvement project of CNBM Group, and talking about feelings, experiences and ideals together with everyone according to the deployment arrangement of the Party Committee of CNR. He pointed out at the beginning that today we gathered at the special place of Qu Qiubai Memorial Hall to carry out a series of special activities, which has very special practical and historical significance.
Shen Yaping stressed in his lecture that the Communist Youth League was born at the time of crisis and grew up at the time of advancement, with faith as the color of youth, with the oath to write the chapter of youth, and in the name of youth to go to the mountains and the sea, the youth workers should deeply study the 100-year hard journey of the Communist Youth League, deeply study the great deeds of Qu Qiubai and other revolutionary pioneers, inherit the red gene, continue the spirit of "Changzhou Three Jie", integrate the practical actions into the great cause of the Party and the people, truly practice the youth oath of "please rest assured that the Party and the strong country have me", contribute youth power in the new journey of promoting the high-quality development of the company, and greet the victory of the 20th Party Congress with practical actions and excellent achievements!
Passing on the red gene and continuing the spirit of "Changzhou Three Heroes
Born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Qu Qubai was one of the major leaders of the early Communist Party of China (CPC), a great Marxist, an outstanding proletarian revolutionary, theoretician and propagandist, and one of the important founders of China's revolutionary literature, together with Zhang Tailei and Yun Daying, known as the "Three Greats of Changzhou". In 1925, he was elected as a member of the Central Committee, the Central Bureau and the Politburo of the Central Committee at the 4th, 5th and 6th National Congresses of the Communist Party of China, and became one of the leaders of the Communist Party of China.
Entering the Q Qubai Memorial Hall, a precious historical object, a touching historical photo, a vivid historical story, let everyone deeply feel the growth course and revolutionary career of Comrade Q Q Qubai. From the ambitious ambition of "studying hard as a boy to find a way out", to the up and down search of "exploring the revolutionary road", to the generous sacrifice of "the final struggle in the Soviet Union", Comrade Qu Qiubai's life of heroic struggle for the cause of Chinese people's liberation has been a great success. Comrade Qu's life of heroic struggle for the cause of liberation of the Chinese people touched everyone deeply.
Revisit the oath of party membership and remember the original mission
At the scene of the theme party day activity, Shen Yaping led everyone to face the bright red party flag, raised his right hand and solemnly swore. The sacred oath strongly shocked every party member present, and everyone looked solemn and full of spirit, interpreting their infinite loyalty to the Party and their firm belief in fighting for the Party's cause for life with their resolute gaze and loud voice, and further strengthening their determination to fight for communism for life.
Recognition of advanced tree typical, to forge ahead to a new chapter
In order to promote the righteousness, set a benchmark, and inspire all Communist Party members and grass-roots party organizations to better play the role of pioneer and bastion, the company's Party Committee awarded the "two excellent and one first" honorees in 2022 on the spot.
Shen Yaping, on behalf of the company's Party Committee, awarded eight comrades Wang Wei, Liu Xi, Li Qiang, Zhou Fengjun, Yang Kai, Luo Xiaojun, Huang Zhenzhen and Chai Hongjing with the honorary certificate of "Excellent Communist Party Member", and two comrades Liu Rumei and Chen Jia with the honorary certificate of "Excellent Party Worker". The Party Branch of Special Felt Division was awarded the honorary certificate of "Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization".
By carrying out the company's "party flag flying, struggle with me" series of party building activities, to further stimulate the company's party members and cadres, youth members love the party and patriotic enthusiasm, a comprehensive display of party members and young workers unlimited loyalty to the party and dedication to bear the good spirit, and effectively enhance the cohesion of the company's grass-roots party organizations, appeal and combat power. Enhance the sense of honor, responsibility and belonging of party members. We have expressed that we will always adhere to and inherit the red gene of "Changzhou Three Jie" in our future work and study, keep in mind our original mission, internalize the perception of Qu Qiubai's spirit as the driving force of our work and business, base on a new starting point, grasp the new situation, advance to a new journey, and use "green materials Green materials" to lead "green infrastructure, green building, green home, green transportation", courageous, dare to fight, one heart, one frequency resonance, for the company to vigorously promote the "321" development strategy to make their best efforts We will make our best efforts and contribution to the company's "321" development strategy and greet the 20th Party Congress with excellent results.

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