CCTV Dialogue with Zhou Yuxian: Focusing on building the "Great Material of the Country" and taking up the mission of strengthening the country with materials

CCTV's "Dialogue" takes a decade as a scale

Focusing on pillar industries and gathering heavyweight enterprises

Specially planned to launch "China Industry Coordinates" series of interviews

November 12, 21:30 will be re-broadcast

China Strength Chapter - Building Blocks

Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, China National Building Materials Group

The Group will be a guest on "The Conversation" to talk about

Focusing on building "the great material of the country and taking up the mission of material strength

The wonderful story of



Point one: ten years of great changes

The "great man of the nation" is the "great material of the nation".

The decade of the new era is a decade of innovation and advancement for China's new materials industry, and a decade of great progress in industrial scale, system construction and cluster effect in China's new materials industry.

As the only central enterprise in the field of building materials and the first batch of state-owned capital investment companies, CNBM Group has given full play to the leading and supporting role of strategic and pioneering new materials, strived to overcome the strength and toughness problems in the field of composite materials innovation, focused on the new materials that are urgently needed by the country and long-term needs, solved the originality from "0 to 1", and achieved the independent supply of key materials. We will also promote the development of China's new materials industry, solve the problem of mass production from "1 to 100", and strive to build the "national material", so that the results of material innovation can benefit thousands of households.


Watch two: three coordinates

Reveal the material story into the material kingdom

Coordinate 1: Qinghai Xining China's first 10,000 tons of carbon fiber production base


CNBM Qinghai Xining 10,000-ton carbon fiber production base was selected as one of the latest "Top Ten Super Projects of Central Enterprises". During the construction of the project, more than 3,000 builders gathered on the plateau at an altitude of 2,600 meters, overcoming many difficulties such as alpine cold and lack of oxygen, and successfully built a huge production system containing more than 3,000 key process points, from the initial wasteland to the completion of production, it took only 700 days to achieve a one-time successful production in September 2021. The base leads China's carbon fiber to leap from the kilo-ton level to the 10,000-ton level, accelerates the process of localized carbon fiber replacement in China's high-end application market, realizes the safety and control of the localized carbon fiber supply chain, and further enhances the international competitiveness of domestic carbon fiber.


Coordinate 2: Jumbo Egypt 200,000 tons per year glass fiber production base


CNBM's fiberglass industry has made a global presence, with plants in the United States and Egypt. Jumbo Egypt is the largest overseas production base for Chinese fiberglass, making Egypt the fourth largest fiberglass producer in the world. The base covers an area of 360,000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 50 soccer fields. The Egyptian base has grown from a capacity of 80,000 tons in 2012 to a current capacity of 200,000 tons. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the efficiency is getting better and better, and there are only 30 Chinese employees among more than 2,000 employees in the whole plant, realizing the export of the whole set of mature glass fiber production technology to overseas. Up to now, the Egyptian base has created a cumulative tax income of over USD 40 million and foreign exchange income of over USD 1 billion for the local community.


Coordinate 3: Jiangsu Funing the world's largest single scale wind power blade production base


CNBM-owned Sinoma Blade Jiangsu Funing factory, is the world's largest single scale wind power blade production base. National green factory, 122 meters of the world's longest wind power blade was born here. The weight of the blade is 54 tons, and the surface area is 1200 square meters, equivalent to 2.5 basketball courts, and the height is more than 6 meters, equivalent to 2 floors. The longer the wind power blade, the larger the area, the stronger the ability to capture wind energy and power generation. The blade with carbon fiber to do part of the replacement, can reduce the weight of 20 tons, supporting system integration costs are reduced, the performance of the stability of the contribution is huge, represents the high-end equipment technology level, showing the CNBM in the field of high-end manufacturing breakthroughs again and again.


Watch three: three big names

Solving the material of "strong" to describe the changes of the decade


Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Group, made the following brilliant golden words:

From the world, these years, the reason why new materials continue to grow at a high speed, behind the implicit manufacturing powerhouses like the United States, Germany, Japan in the industrial policy to support the development, so that we want to break through the technical barriers of new materials more and more high, which is also its strategic value.

New materials are the forerunner and cornerstone of a country's scientific and technological innovation. The measure of each country's national economic development, scientific and technological innovation, and national defense construction is the level of new materials, and more than 70% of the world's new strategic development is dependent on new materials.

The 10,000-ton carbon fiber base of CNBM is actually the best verification of the R&D achievements of CNBM, and more importantly, it can promote the progress of the material industry of our whole country.



Famous mechanics and composite materials experts, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Du Shanyi wonderful golden words:

If we don't go from 1 to 100, we can't see such a 10,000-ton carbon fiber base, so we can't transform it into a large area of application, and we can't solve the application above our air and space.

The completion of the 10,000-ton carbon fiber base has established confidence in our research in the materials industry that what foreigners can do, we Chinese can do, and we may do better and faster than him in the future.

After the carbon fiber production has been increased and the scale has come up, a series of carbon fiber industries will be driven by the ability to use it. Now carbon fiber has been from national defense, aviation, aerospace to energy, modern transportation, marine engineering and ship structure, including infrastructure construction, etc., the application range is very wide. This will improve the level of various equipment, this is not only as a material, as equipment to see, we can enter the ranks of international competition.



Qin Haiyan, Vice Chairman of the World Wind Energy Association and Secretary General of the Wind Energy Professional Committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, had the following wonderful golden words:

Blade growth is just a microcosm of the new energy wind power industry technology competition, who can master the new energy technology high point, who will master the future.

We now do 16 megawatts to 122 meters, "fourteen five" is developing 20 megawatts, then the blade to reach 130 meters, no material progress, wind power industry is impossible to progress.


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