Create the wind of clean and practical work with the spirit of self-revolution&--ZFSC carried out the education activity of party style and integrity

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, to further strengthen the awareness of integrity of party members and cadres, to create a clean political ecology, the morning of November 29, the company's party secretary and chairman Shen Yaping led some of the company's party cadres and party activists to visit the Wujin Qinglian Museum to learn.

Wujin Qinglian Museum is located in the Lotus Museum, is an experiential, perceptive anti-corruption education platform, divided into three units: Qinglian historical traces, Qinglian can learn, Qinglian inscribed in the heart, to Wujin clean government culture evolution of the main line, through the ancient sage, Confucius, famous interpretation and interpretation of "Lian", Wujin generations of famous officials, elegant hope, the village of Yan on the "Lian" perception and practice, combing out with Wujin brand with strong regional characteristics of the integrity of the culture and the tradition of integrity. At the same time, in the creative planning also through the millennium will be the dialogue between heaven and earth, the ancient and modern inspiration into the "clean character bubble column", "clean story new interpretation", "clean slang everyone learn "and other interactive projects, to guide party members and cadres in the study and practice of self-cognition, see the virtuous, thought to be sensitized, the realm to be enhanced.



We listened to the story of Wujin's sages and honest officials of diligence and honesty, appreciate the contemporary heroes of clean style and diligence and honesty, in-depth understanding of the long history of Wujin Qingliu generation, experienced a feast of clean government culture, received a profound clean government education and ideological baptism. Through the study, we are deeply educated and inspired, have said that the visit is a vivid clean education, but also a profound ideological baptism, to take this visit to study as an opportunity to firm ideals and beliefs in the future work, always maintain a high degree of vigilance and a good attitude, always self-policing, prevention, keep the integrity of self-discipline "standard "and build the ideological dam of "not wanting to be corrupted", and practice the spirit of the 20th Party Congress with practical actions.
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the 20th Party Congress: "strengthen the construction of a clean culture in the new era, education to guide the majority of party members, cadres to enhance the consciousness of not wanting to corruption, clean and honest, clean work". Shen Yaping stressed at the scene that the construction of party style and clean government is an important part of the party's construction, is a major political task of the party in the new era, we must resolutely carry the political responsibility of comprehensive strict governance of the party, enhance the "always on the road" political consciousness, carry forward the great spirit of party building, and provide strong political assurance for the company's high-quality development. Shen Yaping asked:
First, we must train hard, improve our skills, the front line of discipline as a "training ground", and resolutely fight against violations of discipline and law, and develop a hard backbone, iron shoulders, and real skills to dare to fight.
Secondly, the alarm bell rings long, take the case as a lesson, through the typical case of warning deterrence, know fear, fear, keep the bottom line, and constantly optimize the clean political ecology, in the spirit of self-revolution, to create a clean and practical wind.
Third, based on the post, combined with the actual, with strong faith and confidence in the new era of the road to catch up, and effectively transform the spirit of the 20th Party Congress into a powerful force to guide the practice and promote the implementation of the company's "123" development strategy.

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