Zhongfu New Material held a warning education conference

    On December 30, ZFSC held a warning education conference to thoroughly implement the requirements of strict governance of the party, to warn the people around us, to educate and warn the party members to further enhance the awareness of clean practice, to build up the ideological line of defense against corruption, and to effectively learn from the cases and sound the alarm. The company party secretary, chairman, general manager Shen Yaping attended the meeting and spoke, the company party committee member, secretary of the discipline inspection committee Chen Hui presided over the meeting and informed three typical cases of violation of the spirit of the central eight provisions, the company supervision and discipline comprehensive room director Liu Rumei conveyed the implementation of the spirit of China compound material warning education video conference. Some of the company's middle management and party members in the post attended the meeting.

    Shen Yaping pointed out in his speech that the report of the 20th Party Congress stressed that the whole party must bear in mind that the comprehensive strict governance of the party is always on the road, the party's self-revolution is always on the road, there must be no relaxation and rest, fatigue and wariness of emotions. To vigorously carry forward the great spirit of party building, deepen the overall strict governance of the party, and promote the new great project of party construction in the new era, and unswervingly lead the social revolution with the party's self-revolution, and better take up the heavy responsibility of development given by the times. To strengthen the leadership of the party, consciously use the party's innovative theory to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote work. To pay close attention to the inspection and inspection rectification and reform, the full recognition of the feedback problem, the scientific development of rectification program. To focus on team building, and effectively train the broad shoulders of officers to achieve success. To build a strong grass-roots base, so that the party's flag in the modernization of various positions flying high.
    First, we must raise the political standing, so that we know our responsibilities. The company's party committee and the secretary of each party branch should be deeply aware of the extreme importance of implementing the main responsibility of strict party governance, and with the firm persistence of being on the road forever, they should promote strict party governance without stopping, adhere to the strict tone, strict measures and strict atmosphere for a long time, resolutely carry the political responsibility of party governance, and provide strong political guarantee for writing a good Chinese modernization answer sheet of Sino-Foreign Materials.
    Secondly, we should compact the responsibility at all levels and effectively perform our duties. We should put strict adherence to political discipline and rules in the first place, adhere to and strengthen the centralized and unified leadership of the Party, persistently use Xi Jinping's thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era to concentrate and forge the soul, and always maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in ideology, politics and action. Members of the company's leadership team, the secretary of each party branch and each department "a hand" should be strictly disciplined, strictly responsible, strictly controlled by the jurisdiction, transferring the pressure of responsibility at every level, forming a level of grasp, layer by layer to implement the work pattern.
    Third, to strengthen the wind and discipline, and continue to nurture the righteousness. To always maintain the wind and discipline anti-corruption high-pressure momentum, continue to deepen the correction of the "four winds", as one to promote the dare not, can not be corrupted, do not want to corrupt, and resolutely win the battle against corruption battle protracted war. To highlight the New Year's Day and Spring Festival during the work of discipline, adhere to the strict word in the forefront, not an inch, perseverance in the implementation of the central eight provisions of the spirit. Vigorously rectify the epidemic prevention and control, safety production, material procurement, marketing services, project construction, rely on enterprises to eat enterprises, associated transactions, bidding and other aspects of inaction, disorder, discipline and illegal issues. The company discipline inspection committee and supervision and discipline comprehensive room to adhere to the party nature of the party style party discipline together, punishment and deterrence, system constraints, improve awareness as one force, to grasp the industry, stage characteristics, seize the problem of easy to occur during the holiday season to deepen the rectification, to remove the soil of unhealthy wind latent dark growth, and promote the normalization of the construction of the style of long-term effect.
Shen Yaping stressed that the New Year's Day and Spring Festival is approaching, the company's departments should better coordinate the prevention and control of epidemic and production and operation of the central work, better coordinate the development and security, seriously do the work during the holiday season, to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control measures to adjust the transfer of smooth and orderly, care about the difficult party members, difficult workers production and life, resolutely put an end to drunken driving, effectively protect the harmony and stability of the company, adhere to the corrective " Four winds" tree new wind concerted efforts.

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