Zhongfu New Material 2023 Annual Work Conference was successfully held

On January 17, 2023, the company's 2023 annual work conference and the 11th meeting of the first employee congress were successfully held in the company's training center. The meeting carefully conveyed and implemented the spirit of the 2023 annual work meeting of China Building Materials Group, especially the speech by Chairman Zhou Yuxian and the work report of General Manager Li Xinhua. It also conveyed and implemented the 2023 annual work meeting of China Composite Materials Group, as well as the comprehensive evaluation of the leadership and leadership of Liu Biao, Vice President of China Building Materials Corporation, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of China Composite Materials in the 2022 year of the company The Secretary of the Party Committee should pay attention to the spirit of the speech made at the review and appraisal meeting of the Party's construction work report. Shen Yaping, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board, and General Manager of the company, delivered a work report entitled "Firmly Confidence, Brave, and Determined to Advance the New Situation of Transformation, Upgrading, and High Quality Development". The meeting was presided over by Chen Hui, member of the company's Party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.
In the report, Shen Yaping comprehensively reviewed and summarized the work and achievements of the company in 2022, and also pointed out the problems and shortcomings in a realistic manner. Over the past year, in the face of the severe and complex external development environment and the multiple pressure challenges that exceeded expectations, the company maintained its strategic determination, adhered to the bottom-line thinking, and made every effort to cope with various risks and challenges. We have withstood the pressure, created a new bureau, and developed confidence, and the company's transformation and development has begun to bear fruit.First, perseverance to expand the market, focus on the main business to create effective.Classified policy, precise attack on key projects, the full implementation of functional plate finished products commissioned processing production, deepen the project construction and other key work, with industry-leading technical advantages, product advantages to win orders and seize the market.Second, focus on development, reform and transformation to open a new bureau.The company successfully changed its name, broke the long-formed market inertia concept of the community towards the company and its main business, and further focused on the main responsibility and main business. Deepen the reform of incentive mechanism, strengthen the rigidity of operating targets and salary delivery, and promote the fundamental change of operating mechanism.Third, persistently seek breakthroughs, innovation and upgrading to increase vitality.Continuously promote technological innovation, always maintain process stability, advanced, product performance, product process, product sequence and standard patents have made new breakthroughs to further enhance the development momentum.Fourth, to keep pace with the times to grasp the management, focus on compliance to protect stability.Further improve the list of powers and responsibilities of the three committees, and further promote the tenure system and contractual management of the managerial level. Comprehensively carry out various special self-investigations and rectifications to prevent and resolve major risks. Steadily promote the company's safety and environmental protection, epidemic prevention and control work to ensure the healthy, stable and safe development of the company.Fifth, the flagging of politics, party building to lead the development.Vigorously promote the inspection and inspection rectification and reform work, and effectively play the role of political inspection strong management, stable development and promote the improvement. Adhere to the principle of party-controlled cadres and party-controlled talents, and continuously improve the effectiveness of the selection and development of people. Comprehensively strengthen the deep integration of party building and operation, and continuously improve the effectiveness of "one account". Guide party members and cadres to build a firm ideological line of defense, not to cross the bottom line, not to touch the red line, and effectively fulfill the responsibility of comprehensive strict governance of the party.

2023 is the key year to promote the "123" development strategy and implement the "14th Five-Year Plan", and it is also the year of "project construction, quality and efficiency breakthrough, and transformation and development" of the company. ". The main business objectives of the company are: to closely follow the requirements of CNBM Group's "one profit and five rates" indicators, to strive to achieve the "one increase, one reduction and four enhancements" target, and to fully complete the business objectives, "2422" reduction and safety production, "2422" reduction, and "2422" reduction. The company also strives to achieve the target of "one increase, one reduction and four improvement" and fully complete the operation target, "2422" reduction, safety production, energy saving and ecological and environmental protection assessment indexes issued by China National Composite Materials.
Shen Yaping from the economic environment, the market situation and the actual company, in-depth analysis of the current situation and tasks, put forward the overall work ideas and requirements for 2023, the deployment of arrangements for five key areas of work: First, pay close attention to the market, go all out to focus on production and operation. Focus on the key, the main attack on the "two" (home, home furnishing) two fields; highlight, accelerate the creation of "work, traffic" in the field of iconic demonstration projects; highlight the characteristics, give full play to the functional board "seven sex eight special The core advantage of "seven sexes and eight specials" is highlighted, and benefits are sought from market development and synergistic benchmarking. Focus on the "two effects", that is: to do things efficiently, results to be effective, to the three precision management to benefit. Second, pay close attention to the development, accelerate the layout of the security project construction. Lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, make every effort to guarantee the construction of functional board large line project, and implement the restoration and installation technology upgrade of glass fiber thin felt Ι line at an opportune time, and carry out intelligent transformation at the same time. Third, pay close attention to the reform and spare no effort to strengthen the talent team. Strictly implement the "three energy" mechanism, constantly optimize the talent team, and accelerate the reform of incentive mechanism. Fourth, pay close attention to innovation, and persistently upgrade against the first-class standards. Deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, seek benefits from scientific and technological innovation, make precise efforts in process improvement, new product development and invention patents, make real efforts in complementing and extending the chain and strengthening the chain, and continuously deepen the integration of innovation chain and industrial chain. Fifth, pay close attention to party building, and unswervingly strengthen political construction. Comprehensively study and implement the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, deepen the integration of party construction and operation, press down the responsibility of comprehensive strict governance of the party, and provide solid political guarantee for the company to achieve the goal of transformation and development of great progress.
Shen Yaping stressed that the end of the year and the beginning of the year should effectively do five key tasks, one is to persistently grasp the actual safety and environmental protection work, the second is to unrelentingly grasp the epidemic prevention and control work, three is to advance the precise implementation of the annual key work, four is to proactively grasp the details of the Spring Festival condolences work, five is to strictly and practically grasp the party style and clean government construction work, to ensure the company's harmony and stability, the masses of workers to live a happy and peaceful New Year festival.
The meeting commended a number of advanced individuals who are politically tough, courageous and outstanding in the company's transformation and upgrading, reform and assault in 2022. Shen Yaping honored Liu Xi, who was awarded "Excellent Science and Technology Innovation Worker", Wang Wei, who was awarded "Gold Medal Employee", and Zhou Fengjun, who was awarded "Excellent Employee" in 2022. Mr. Yang Kai and Mr. Luo Xiaojun were awarded honorary certificates, and the company leaders awarded honorary certificates for Mr. Huang Liming, Mr. Liu Xi, Mr. Sheng Yachin, Mr. Luo Zhenxi and Mr. Zhou Weiping, who were awarded "Five Hands Labor Competition Pioneers" in 2022.
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In order to further refine the target tasks in 2023, form a clear goal, focus, specific responsibilities, tasks to the person, interlocking responsibility chain, so that everyone has indicators on their heads, a thousand pounds of heavy burdens, the meeting Shen Yaping and the relevant responsible persons signed the 2023 annual sales, production, procurement, research and development, safety production, energy conservation and ecological and environmental protection responsibilities.
The working meeting was also the eleventh meeting of the first session of the company's staff congress. The collective labor contract for the year 2023 was signed at the meeting, and the delegates carefully considered and passed the general manager's work report, the newly formulated "Implementation Measures for the Comprehensive Linkage Assessment of the Company's Business Objectives and Full Compensation (for Trial Implementation)" (draft) and the resolution of the eleventh meeting of the first session of the company's staff congress (draft).
Chen Hui put forward 3 requirements for studying and implementing the spirit of the meeting in the summary of the meeting: First, we should study carefully and implement comprehensively. Effectively unify thoughts and actions to the spirit of this meeting, and strive to deliver an excellent answer to history, the times and the masses of workers. Second, we must be firm in confidence and forge ahead. In the changes, changes in the situation, firm confidence, enterprising, to market development to benefit, to the three precision management to benefit, to collaborative benchmarking to benefit, to scientific and technological innovation to benefit, to ensure the full completion of the company's 2023 objectives and tasks. Thirdly, we should take up the responsibility of practical work and grasp the implementation. Focusing closely on the refinement and decomposition of business indicators in 2023, we will take up the role, move forward with courage and perseverance, take the lead in the word "dare" and the word "dry", deploy early, make early efforts, implement early and see early results, make every effort to start a good start, and strive to promote the implementation of the company's "123" development strategy.

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