The first meeting of the New Year to start a new journey &--ZFSC held the 2023 annual New Year talk

On January 28, 2023, the first working day after the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, the company held the 2023 Annual New Year Talk. The theme of the meeting was to closely follow the company's development strategy and annual business objectives and tasks, and to compare the "10 in place" of the middle level (i.e. ideological education work, management measures, work efforts, assessment implementation, coordination support, authorization strategy, implementation system, incentive methods, cultural cultivation, and behavioral modeling) and the 4 of career development "war" (i.e. battle, tactics, battles, strategies), for profound reflection and benchmarking enhancement. Shen Yaping, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the company, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Members of the company's leadership team, heads of departments and some management backbones attended the meeting and made exchange speeches.
At the meeting, we focused on the theme, combined with the actual, open-minded, speak freely, seriously review the problems in the work of 2022, in-depth analysis of their own shortcomings and shortcomings, boldly elaborate the direction of improvement and work ideas in 2023. We have expressed that in the face of the "time" and "momentum" of the new year's development, we should focus on market development and project construction with the spirit of practical work and hard work, and the energy of striving for the future, so as to promote a new chapter of high-quality development of the company with new weather and new action.
Shen Yaping made a comment on everyone's talk one by one. He said that the plan of the year lies in the spring, the beginning of the momentum to see the spirit. The first meeting of the New Year is the company's spirit, to show the new climate of the "big point", but also the company continues to deepen the work style, improve the effectiveness of the "charge". He hoped that everyone would put into the work with a more full state of work, and start the year with a full bow and a tight string, always following the guiding principle of "4335" of CNBM Group, closely following the "123" development strategy of the company, and grasping We should always follow the guiding principle of "4335" of CNBM Group, closely follow the development strategy of "123" of the company, closely grasp the expected goals of "the year of project construction, the year of breakthrough in quality and efficiency improvement, and the year of decisive transformation development", focus on the requirements of "two effects", take the role of daring to do something, focus on the key points, highlight the highlights, and show the characteristics, strive for the first in focusing on the main business, seek the breakthrough in innovation and transformation, and learn from others to catch up. We will focus on the key points, highlight the highlights, show the characteristics, strive for the first in focusing on the main business, find the breakthrough in innovation and transformation, set an example in comparing and surpassing, focus on the big picture, open a new bureau, and run out of acceleration, cross a new stage and start a new journey with greater efforts.
In his speech, Shen Yaping put forward new requirements for doing a good job in the next step:
First, we must make the development of confidence strong.We should deeply understand and fully implement the spirit of the annual work conference of CNBM Group and China Composite 2023, take the lead in conveying confidence with the loyalty to the Party and the unrelenting commitment, boost confidence with the ability to know the autumn with a leaf and the consistent style, transform the huge capacity of the target market and the core advantages of prepreg semi-finished products into development momentum, continuously strengthen the foundation of "stability", gather the momentum of "progress" and show the improvement of "quality", and promote the high-quality development of the company to achieve new results with the new weather of daring to do good work.
Second, let the market throttle up.We should always adhere to CNBM's business philosophy of "price-benefit", seek benefits from market development, form scale advantages in the field of "household and home decoration", and achieve scale benefits. To benefit from the synergy of benchmarking, gradually build a nationwide sales system network, strive to become the direct supplier and main supplier of the relevant sister central enterprises, and strive for a major breakthrough in special areas, and quickly enhance the company's brand awareness and influence.
Third, let the living water of innovation gush up.We should persistently grasp innovation, face the new journey, new challenges and new tasks, seek greater breakthroughs in creating innovation ecology and gathering innovative talents, make precise efforts in process improvement, new product development and invention patents, make real efforts in complementing and extending the chain and strengthening the chain, continuously deepen the mutual integration of innovation chain and industry chain, and make the company's industry stronger and innovation atmosphere stronger.
Fourth, we must let the reform initiatives stand up.We should insist on shaping advantages and releasing vitality with reform breakthroughs, make good use of CNBM Group's medium- and long-term incentive policies, accelerate the reform of incentive mechanisms, and strictly implement the "three energy" mechanism, so as to truly transform the reform effectiveness into a new engine and new momentum for the company's high-quality development and create higher expectations and better prospects.
Five to let the heart-warming practical work up.To fully build and use the trade union as a staff position, the majority of workers concerned about the practical matters as the company's party committee, adhere to the "real" word in the forefront, "effect" word first, "dry" word to ensure that each piece of someone to implement, each paragraph have a follow-up assessment of the effectiveness of the pile are done to the hearts of the masses of workers.
Shen Yaping stressed that the backbone of the company's management should be the leader of "dare to do and dare to break through", enhance the consciousness of "burden on the shoulders and responsibility in the heart", think deeply, refine daily, review constantly, do not delay for a day and do not slacken for a moment, strive to be a good cadre who can stand up, stand straight, walk steadily and take responsibility, stimulate the enthusiasm, motivation and creativity of all cadres and workers to the maximum extent, deploy early, make early efforts, implement early and see early results, make every effort to start a good start and move forward one step at a time towards the set goal, we will surely be able to create a bright future that everyone can hope for.

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