New Year's First Exclusive Interview | Zhou Yuxian: Bravely shoulder the responsibility of strengthening the country through materials, implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical results

The year 2023 is the first year of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. China Building Materials Group is mindful of "the great person of the country", creating "the great material of the country", and making a good start in exploring a new journey of high-quality development. Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Group, received an exclusive interview with a reporter from China Building Materials Magazine to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and talked freely about the thoughts on reform and innovation to achieve high-quality development, building a world-class material industry investment company, and creating a better world with materials. Here is a brief introduction.


Take responsibility for material strength

Implementing the Spirit of the 20th Party Congress with Practical Results
--Interview with Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Group Co.
By Jin Huiyi, China Building Materials Magazine

From October 16 to 22, 2022, the 20th National Congress of the CPC was held in Beijing. Zhou Yuxian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd., attended the conference as a representative of the central enterprise system in Beijing and as a member of the building materials industry.

After the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China Building Materials Group has made learning, promoting, and implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China a top political task for the current and future period. Through holding expanded meetings of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China, study meetings of the Party Committee's theoretical learning center group (expanded), the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and organizing group and enterprise briefings at all levels, the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will take root, blossom, and bear fruit in the group.

In an interview with a reporter from China Building Materials magazine, Zhou Yuxian stated that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has scientifically planned the major policies, objectives, and tasks for the development of various undertakings of the Party and the country in the current and future periods, indicating the direction for the high-quality development of state-owned central enterprises, and providing fundamental guidance. This has deeply inspired and inspired his heart, and has effectively strengthened unity and led China Building Materials Group to move towards high-quality development The sense of mission, responsibility, and urgency of building a world-class material industry investment group with global competitiveness.

The grand meeting ended, stirring up waves of echoes. Zhou Yuxian, combining his study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, had some new thoughts on how to transform it into a driving force for in-depth promotion of enterprise reform and innovation, high-quality development, building a "national talent", and courageously assuming the responsibility of becoming a material power.

Continuously promote the overall strict governance of the party
Explore new ideas and new approaches for high-quality development

"High quality development is the primary task of comprehensively building a modern socialist country." This is a new major judgment made in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further highlighting the overall and long-term significance of high quality development. The recent Central Economic Work Conference once again emphasized that "development must be high-quality development, complete, accurate, and fully implement the new development concept..."

As the important material and political foundation of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as well as the important pillar and relying force of our Party's governance and rejuvenation of the country, state-owned enterprises are duty-bound and duty-bound to implement the primary task of high-quality development, and must place development quality in a more prominent position. "Central enterprises are the pillar and ballast of national economic development, so the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China provides fundamental guidance and guidance for the work of central enterprises in various fields such as reform, innovation, party building, internationalization, safety production, social responsibility, and so on. We need to comprehensively and deeply study and understand, and fully implement them," Zhou Yuxian said.

To comprehensively promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation with Chinese path to modernization requires theoretical guidance and institutional guarantee. In recent years, China Building Materials Group has always aimed at building a world-class enterprise, always adhering to integrity and innovation, promoting comprehensive and strict governance of the party, and ensuring that the party organization does not deteriorate, change color, and remain unchanged.

Zhou Yuxian introduced that China Building Materials Group attaches great importance to the theoretical innovation of the party, always adheres to the "one book" of party building and operation, integrates party leadership into corporate governance, explores the establishment of the "1345" party building work system and the "3433" mixed ownership enterprise party building work mechanism, participates in the completion of "strengthening the party building of state-owned mixed ownership enterprises", and carries out the selection activities of "party building work brand" and "good thinking" political research topics. Establish a closed-loop system of large supervision and management, promote the deep integration of inner-party supervision and enterprise internal control management, promote the linkage between inspection and inspection, and construct a work pattern of inspection and inspection. Adhere to the integrated promotion of "three non corruption", persistently promote the construction of style, and create a "pro clean" and clean atmosphere; Adhere to the Party's management of cadres and talents, and make new breakthroughs in the reform of the talent development system and mechanism; Carry out propaganda and ideological work with building materials characteristics around raising flags, gathering the hearts of the people, cultivating new people, and promoting culture.

According to the report, "Promoting state-owned and financial enterprises to strengthen Party leadership in improving corporate governance, and strengthening party building in mixed ownership and non-public ownership enterprises", Zhou Yuxian stated that this requires the Group Party Committee to fully play its role in guiding the direction, managing the overall situation, and ensuring the implementation of the situation, as well as the role of grassroots party branches as a battleground and exemplary role of party members; Improve the system of comprehensive and strict party governance, and promote the extension of comprehensive and strict party governance to the grassroots level and in-depth progress; Promote the "three non corruption" and improve the closed-loop system of large supervision and management; Deeply implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and implement the standards of good cadres in the new era; Do a good job in ideological and political work, strengthen corporate culture penetration management, and enhance cultural soft power.

Communicating and learning the spirit of the 20th Party Congress
Deeply understand the principles, principles, and philosophies of the Party's innovative theory, and strive to understand, understand, and be practical; Promote theoretical innovation based on building materials practice to provide guidance for high-quality development of enterprises; "We will improve the Party's self revolutionary system and regulatory system, improve the Party's unified leadership, comprehensive coverage, and authoritative and efficient oversight system, and allow power to operate under the sun." Zhou Yuxian said.
Resolutely win the battle of key core technologies
Accelerate the realization of high-level science and technology self-sufficiency and self-improvement
Adhere to the righteousness and innovation, and make every effort to win the new materials industry track

"One generation of materials, one generation of equipment", ranging from mobile phone parts to high-speed rail aircraft, new materials are everywhere. As a strategic and fundamental industry, new materials are known as the "food" of the industry and the cornerstone of scientific and technological progress, and are a key area for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Since 2012, the composite annual growth rate of the total output value of China's new materials industry has exceeded 20%, accounting for 15% of the raw materials industry, forming the world's most comprehensive and largest material industry system.

This important statement points out the way forward for China Building Materials Group to seize the historical opportunity and win the race track of the new material industry.

The difference between a leader and a follower lies in innovation. In recent years, as a "national team" in the field of inorganic non-metallic materials in China, China National Building Materials Group has strengthened independent innovation and achievement transformation to help build an innovative country. A batch of new materials have fully supported the major achievements listed in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, such as manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, deep sea and deep ground exploration, satellite navigation, nuclear power technology, new energy technology, and large aircraft manufacturing. Successfully conquered a batch of "stuck neck" new materials, including 30 micron flexible foldable glass, the world's thinnest 0.12 mm ultra-thin electronic glass, 8.5 generation TFT-LCD glass substrate, 5.0 neutral borosilicate pharmaceutical glass, cadmium telluride power generation glass, T800 and T1000 high-performance carbon fibers, high-strength glass fiber yarn, silicon nitride ceramics, lithium battery separators, periodically polarized titanium potassium phosphate crystals, ultra-high voltage post porcelain insulators A large number of new materials such as special coatings have been industrialized and mass produced, providing an indispensable basic guarantee for the development of China's strategic emerging industries. It has won the first prize of 7 National Science and Technology Progress Awards and 4 China Industrial Awards, with a total of 21000 valid patents. Strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation, actively create the source of original technology in the material industry, promote the deep integration of the innovation chain industry chain, and create a model case of industrial mass production of original technology in multiple material fields such as gypsum board, glass fiber, and wind power blades. Using digital and intelligent technology, we have created a number of world-class "dream factories" and "future factories" such as cement, glass, and fiberglass.


New Glass Material Production Line


While seeing the achievements, Zhou Yuxian also clearly realized that the development of China's new material industry faces many difficulties and challenges. "Adhering to integrity and innovation is an important connotation of implementing the Party's ideological line, which requires us to adhere to the drive of innovation and treat all new things with enthusiasm. The next step is to firmly win the battle for key material technology based on the 'four aspects', bravely become the birthplace of original technology for low-carbon inorganic non-metallic materials and the leader of modern industrial chains, improve the toughness of the industrial chain supply chain and the level of independent security, and promote the high level of China's material industry." The level of technology is self-reliant and self-reliant. "Accelerate the transformation and popularization of scientific and technological achievements, and let more new material innovation achievements serve the people's better life."

At the "National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation Conference" held in November 2022, the China Building Materials Federation proposed that the building materials industry is the bearer of multiple strategic emerging industries, and it is necessary to guide the industry's scientific research forces to carry out technical breakthroughs around "super materials" that exceed at least one order of magnitude in physical, chemical, and other performance indicators of non-metallic materials, including ultra-fast hardness, ultra-strength, ultra-wear resistance, ultra-thermal insulation Ultra sealing, ultra corrosion resistance, etc., to meet the needs of emergency repair and construction, meet the needs of wartime, meet the needs of materials under extreme application scenarios, meet the needs of China's independent original technology development, and meet the needs of future scientific and technological progress in related fields for materials. Zhou Yuxian believes that this formulation is highly forward-looking. "The technological and industrial revolution around the world has developed to this extent, and in fact, new materials have become the guide and cornerstone of a country's technological innovation. The measure of each country's national economic development, technological innovation, and other aspects of national defense construction is the level of new materials. More than 70% of the world's new strategic development relies on new materials. Therefore, we must actively address the 'bottleneck' technology." Barriers, accelerate independent innovation and industrial mass production in the field of new materials industry, cultivate a group of internationally competitive enterprise clusters through industrial funds, mergers and acquisitions, and listing, and ensure the safety of the industrial chain and supply chain. "It is not only necessary to select and cultivate products with market prospects, development potential, and resource advantages, but also to focus on disruptive, breakthrough, and iterative technological breakthroughs in the industry, make good technical reserves, promote the innovative development of the new material industry, focus on promoting the high-end and mass production of the new material industry, and ensure the strategic security of the national material industry chain."

High Performance Carbon Fiber Production Line
"For example, our carbon fiber can be said to be a 'super material' when applied to domestic large aircraft. The Qinghai 10000-ton carbon fiber production base, which was put into production in 2020, has enabled us to solve the '0-1' leap of T800 and T1000 carbon fibers, as well as large-scale mass production of '1-100'. Only by achieving mass production can we ensure stable and consistent performance, and ensure its application in the fields of national defense, military industry, and aerospace Application. "Now that the output has increased and the scale has increased, the application fields of carbon fiber materials will be further expanded from 'national key weapons' to new energy and infrastructure construction, which can further enhance the level of various equipment." The completion of the 10000 ton industrial base has established confidence for China Building Materials Group: What foreigners can do, Chinese people can not only do it, but also may do it faster and better than them in the future.
Insist on "big innovation" and create an innovation system with building materials characteristics

Technological innovation does not exist in isolation, but requires excellent management to open the way and bridge the gap and create a good environment. In recent years, China Building Materials Group has adhered to the principle of "great innovation", creating a "four in one" innovation system with building materials characteristics, including technological innovation, system and mechanism innovation, management innovation, and business model innovation, creating a growth environment focused on business, forming a cultural atmosphere that links up and down, and emphasizes innovation, attracting and cultivating a group of outstanding entrepreneurs and scientific researchers. It has refined management methods such as "three refined management" and eight major construction methods. Led the establishment of one of the largest new materials industry funds in China, established the Digital Intelligence Building Materials Research Institute, accelerated the construction of industrial internet platforms, smart supply chain platforms, and big data centers, and launched innovative models such as "cement+", "I find cars", "cross-border e-commerce+overseas warehouses", and building materials and home furnishing chain supermarkets.

As the development of the new material industry is constrained by upstream original technologies and downstream application scenarios, scientific research and innovation has become a high-risk undertaking. Innovation investment must be consistent with the overall direction of the enterprise strategy, while also taking into account market returns; We should not only focus on output efficiency and economic benefits, but also respect the laws of long-term sustained investment and high risk. Zhou Yuxian said that China Building Materials Group should create a fertile land for innovation, improve the overall effectiveness of the innovation system, and create an innovative atmosphere. Strengthen innovation in systems and mechanisms, make good use of "seed" funds, cultivate leading talents and innovation teams, accelerate the implementation of innovative incentive mechanisms such as "unveiling and commanding" and "horse racing", encourage innovation, tolerate failure, and pool the talents of the world to use them. Strengthen management innovation, benchmark world-class enterprises, innovate and improve management level, conduct management innovation aimed at the differentiation of "0 to 1" original technological innovation breakthroughs and "1 to 100" innovation achievements in industrialization, and help new materials smoothly cross the "death valley" of industrialization. Strengthen business model innovation, make good use of the three tailgating factors of "cement+", internationalization, and "dual carbon", further explore the potential value of the complete industrial chain, rich data resources, massive application scenarios, and numerous customer resources within the group, and provide high-end and customized new material protection for "big country heavy equipment".

Bringing market-oriented reform to the end
Writing a new chapter in the construction of state-owned capital investment company
Empowering high-quality development with reform and bringing market-oriented reform to the end
CNBM Group has been the pioneer of socialist market economy reform, and in recent years, the reform has achieved positive results with increasing vitality and efficiency. It has steadfastly deepened market-oriented reform and become a model of mixed ownership reform. By the end of 2021, the Group will use more than 40 billion yuan of state-owned capital to attract 170 billion yuan of social capital, leveraging more than 650 billion yuan of total assets, and explore the implementation of differentiated control over relatively controlled mixed-ownership enterprises. High-quality organization and implementation of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, achieving excellent results in various assessments such as double hundred enterprises and model enterprises of science reform, successfully completing the reform pilot and officially turning into the first batch of state-owned capital investment companies.
Jushi Glass Fiber Production Line

"Taking China Jushi as an example, over the years of mixed ownership reform experience, Jushi has embarked on a successful path that can withstand the test of history and practice. This proves that different ownership components complement and promote each other, promoting the healthy development of enterprises into a virtuous cycle, and is a successful example of the Group's exploration of mixed ownership reform."

Reform never ends. Zhou Yuxian believes that the next step for China Building Materials Group to deepen market-oriented reform and help build a high-level socialist market economic system requires the following: adhering to the "two in one" principle, promoting the formation of a more mature and stereotyped modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics, and returning the decision-making process of the enterprise to the company law, articles of association, and corporate governance structure of the enterprise; Continue to deepen the reform of mixed ownership, improve differentiated management and control of mixed ownership enterprises, encourage the role of non-public shareholders, and achieve a win-win situation in the appreciation of state-owned and non-public capital; We will continue to deepen the reform of market-oriented operating mechanisms, organize and implement a new round of special actions to deepen the reform of state-owned assets and state-owned enterprises with greater efforts, and create a new modern state-owned enterprise.

Building a world class materials industry investment company

In June 2022, China Building Materials Group was officially approved to become a state-owned capital investment company, becoming one of the first five state-owned enterprises to become regular. Previously, China Building Materials has been piloting the transformation of industrial groups into state-owned capital investment companies for three years. What does this shift mean? What new opportunities have been created for the future development of the Group?

Zhou Yuxian expressed that this means that China Building Materials should undertake more missions and make greater contributions. The state-owned capital investment company has created new opportunities for the group's future development. First, the system and mechanism are more flexible and efficient. Through the reform of investment companies, a governance based management and control model focusing on "capital management" has been basically formed, an enterprise management mechanism combining orderly authorization and decentralization with comprehensive supervision and management closed-loop, and a market-oriented operation mechanism characterized by improving the efficiency and vitality of all employees. A scientific research and innovation system mechanism that serves the national strategic development needs and serves the main battlefield of the national economy has been initially established. At the same time, the SASAC has more fully authorized and delegated power to state-owned capital investment companies. The Group will make good use of the institutional and institutional advantages of investment companies, make further efforts in cultivating emerging industries and strengthening existing industries, and continuously transform the emerging industries it cultivates into its dominant main industry, achieving high-quality development. Second, the development path is more independent and diverse. To become a state-owned capital investment company, China Building Materials Group will continue to strengthen investment capacity building, adhere to a high degree of integration of strategic rationality and economic rationality, establish industrial investment thinking, optimize investment tracks, optimize investment paths, select competitive strategies, and create a world-class material industry investment company operating system. It will actively participate in the specialized integration of central enterprises with the positioning of a state-owned capital investment company, accelerate the investment of capital into strategic emerging industries, cascade layout in the new energy industry chain, focus on breakthroughs in the field of new materials, accelerate innovation leadership, digital transformation, and low-carbon development, and truly achieve the strengthening, optimization, and expansion of state-owned capital.

Zhou Yuxian is confident in this. "We have already done a lot of work to fully open a new chapter in the construction of state-owned capital investment companies: creatively proposing and implementing the '4335' guiding principles, opening up the underlying logic and pilot path of state-owned capital investment companies in the material industry. From the perspective of industrial investment, we have created a number of main industry racetracks with clear boundaries, elite main industries, and control over the industrial chain, and established a sound and clear positioning, ecological optimization, and effective mechanism for state-owned capital investment System. "Deeply promoting professional and regional integration from the perspective of industrial supply side structural reform has reshaped a healthy and stable cement industry ecology."

Zhou Yuxian revealed that next, China Building Materials Group will launch the "Investment Company 2.0" model. What is 2.0? He explained: Continue to adhere to the balance and unity of strategic rationality and economic rationality, optimize the investment direction, investment path, and investment layout, and create a world-class material industry investment company operating system. With the mission of "being the largest of the country", we will strive to create "the largest of the country", play a leading role in upgrading basic building materials, incubating new business forms, cultivating new industries, and tackling new technological problems, allocate more resources to national strategic emerging industries, and enhance the level of new industrialization in the field of inorganic non-metallic materials. We need to improve the resilience and safety level of the industrial chain supply chain, and make outstanding contributions to building a manufacturing, quality, and material power.

Contribute to the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry
Contribute to the wisdom of building materials for building a community of human destiny
Take the lead in practicing the "double carbon" strategy and be a leader in the building materials industry

With the proposal of the "dual carbon" goal, China has entered a critical period of focusing on carbon reduction, promoting synergies in pollution reduction and carbon reduction, and promoting comprehensive green transformation of the economy and society. Central enterprises are closely related to the lifeblood of the national economy, and they also account for a significant share of China's carbon emissions. They should fully play a demonstration and leading role in achieving peak carbon neutrality and tackling key issues. China Building Materials Group is the world's largest comprehensive building materials industry group, the world's leading new material developer and comprehensive service provider, and has a firm belief in achieving the carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, "We have prepared and completed an implementation plan for carbon peak carbon neutralization based on the analysis of carbon peak carbon neutralization paths, and have now begun to fully implement it, vigorously improving the ability to respond to climate change, in order to promote the demonstration and leading role of central enterprises in building materials in energy conservation and carbon reduction." Zhou Yuxian said that the group will focus on four things: carbon reduction, carbon reduction, carbon fixation, and carbon management, and fully protect green homes, urban ecology, and green waters and mountains Safeguard the health of residents and be a leader in the carbon peak action in the building materials industry.

The building materials industry belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, with great potential for low-carbon innovative technology, which can promote the overall low-carbon transformation of the building materials industry through new technologies. According to Zhou Yuxian, over the years, China Building Materials Group has carried out different work in different dimensions. First, in the field of basic building materials, it took the lead in building a demonstration production line of green low-carbon technical equipment for cement, with all indicators superior to the national standard of Class I energy efficiency, and broke through the key technology of engineering preparation and application evaluation of low-cost aerogel materials for industrial use; Promote carbon capture, utilization, and storage in industries such as cement and glass, and promote low-carbon transformation in the building materials industry from point to area. Second, in the field of new materials, we will promote key national projects such as carbon fiber and green low-carbon major technical equipment, carbon fiber composite materials for large aircraft, and glass solidification of high-level liquid waste, and accelerate the transformation and application of original achievements such as ultra-fine electronic glass fiber, high-quality large size glass new materials, high-performance ceramic fibers, and large wind turbine blades. The third is to implement a digital energy efficiency promotion plan in the field of smart factories. Through the application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and advanced process control, dynamic monitoring, control, and optimized management of energy consumption are implemented to achieve digitalization and refinement of enterprise energy management.

Sinoma Anhui Circular Economy Industrial Park
Insist on high-level foreign cooperation and help build a community of human destiny

High level opening up and cooperation with the outside world is a requirement of China's "14th Five Year Plan" goals and the 2035 long-term goals, and is also an important measure to build a new development pattern that promotes both domestic and international circulation; For China Building Materials Group, it is an inevitable requirement for high-quality development and moving towards world-class development.

The broad sea allows the fish to leap, and the high sky allows the birds to fly. "We need to have a profound insight into the trend of human development and progress, learn from and absorb all the outstanding achievements of human civilization with a broad mind that embraces all rivers, and work together to build a better world." In Zhou Yuxian's view, only with a sense of responsibility that embraces the world, broadens our horizons, and enlarges the pattern can we achieve excellence.

Completion ceremony for the restoration of the "China Corner" house

As the vanguard of the "going global" of China's building materials industry, China Building Materials Group has created shining business cards along the "the Belt and Road", providing strong support for the infrastructure construction of countries along the line and the global building materials chain stability and strength. Deepen international cooperation and exchange, and have built 496 large-scale cement glass production lines worldwide, maintaining the first market share in the international engineering market for building materials for 15 consecutive years. Invest in 45 fixed asset and equity acquisition projects in 27 countries, build the largest glass fiber production base in Africa in Egypt, and build 32 overseas warehouses and building materials chain supermarkets in the United Arab Emirates, Tanzania, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, and other countries. He presided over the formulation of 26 international standards and led the introduction of 8 Chinese standards to the world. Adhere to the "three principles" of contributing to the local economy, cooperating with local enterprises, and getting along well with local people, and integrate into local localization and development. Actively fulfilling corporate social responsibilities and establishing a responsible and responsible image as a world citizen. Create a cross-cultural integration project, carry out a series of overseas cultural outreach activities on "making good use of", and open to the public for three consecutive years. Tell the story of China's building materials well. In 2022, the Group continued to rank first among the world's top 500 building materials companies, and its ranking among the world's top 500 brand value companies increased by 181 positions compared to 2019.

With the continuous deepening of China's reform and opening up, China Building Materials Group has developed into an international company with a global perspective, achieving a leapfrog development of becoming stronger, better, and larger. By this year, it has steadily ranked first among global building materials enterprises for five consecutive years. Zhou Yuxian told reporters that in the next step, the group will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of "creating a better world with materials", closely adhere to the development goal of the building materials industry of "suitable for industry and quality, benefiting mankind", deeply promote market internationalization, capital internationalization, and talent internationalization, relying on domestic large-scale industrial advantages, first-class technological process equipment advantages, and digital high-end intelligent advantages, actively and steadily promote cement, gypsum board, glass fiber Overseas layout of wind turbine blades, lithium film and other businesses, coordinate both domestic and foreign resources, and accelerate the integration into the "dual cycle" pattern; It is necessary to strengthen friendly cooperation with domestic and foreign building materials industry sister enterprises, upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, cultivate new momentum for global development, deepen and expand equal, open, and cooperative partnerships, expand from world-class hardware to world-class software, promote the good reputation of Chinese building materials and Chinese enterprises, and contribute building materials wisdom to promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.

Spanning an extraordinary decade, spanning heaven, earth, mountains, and rivers, fulfilling the responsibility of a central enterprise as a "pillar of a great country", and exploring the mysteries of materials, China Building Materials Group has a long journey to firmly move forward and do its own business down-to-earth. As Zhou Yuxian imagined in his "2023 New Year Message": In the new year, we must unite as one, be filled with fervent faith, uphold the mission of "materials create a better world", and always maintain the attitude of a fighter, the responsibility of a doer, and the perseverance of a dreamer. I believe that in the future, China Building Materials Group will implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical results and take every step towards building a strong country in materials.

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