Zhongfu New Material and Huaneng Comprehensive Energy 5MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project Successfully Signed

On March 3, the signing ceremony of "5MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Project" between Zhongfu (Changzhou) New Materials Co. Yuan Baohua, production director of Sinofo New Materials, and Zhu Jing, deputy general manager of Huaneng Comprehensive Energy signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Shen Yaping, member of the Party Committee and Vice General Manager of Sinofoil, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Sinofoil, and Jiang Xuliang, General Manager of Huaneng Comprehensive Energy attended the signing ceremony and witnessed the signing.
The 5MW distributed photovoltaic power generation project is another powerful initiative of Zhongfu New Material to implement the "double carbon" strategy and practice the green low-carbon and sustainable development road, following the comprehensive promotion of the market application of ecological products - special functional materials (functional panels). The project will fully revitalize and utilize the rooftop resources of Zhongfu New Material Park, build more than 40,000 square meters of rooftop distributed photovoltaic power stations in the first phase, build a green, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, create green revenue, cultivate green factories, promote the green transformation of industry and accelerate again, lay the foundation for building a zero-carbon manufacturing base and leading the sustainable healthy and green development of special functional materials as soon as possible.
Shen Yaping expressed a warm welcome to Jiang Xuliang and his delegation's visit. He introduced the company's history, main business and strategic objectives, focusing on the core advantages of special thin felt and special functional material products, and clarified that the company is vigorously implementing the "123" development strategy, constantly improving the industrial development of "green content, gold content The company is vigorously implementing the "123" development strategy, continuously improving the industrial development "green content, gold content", integrating the concept of green energy saving and environmental protection into the whole process of product development, design, production, packaging, sales and recycling, continuously providing the society with "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recyclable" characteristics of green material products, to meet the people's new demand for a beautiful ecological environment, excellent ecological products and quality ecological services. The new needs of the people for a beautiful ecological environment, excellent ecological products and quality ecological services. He said that the advantages of Sino-Fo New Materials and Huaneng Comprehensive Energy are complementary, and the two sides will achieve positive interaction in economic development, green and low-carbon, resource conservation and environmental protection, and promote mutual benefit and win-win development of both sides. He hoped that both sides would make joint efforts to promote the cooperation project to take root and blossom as soon as possible, with high starting point planning, high standard configuration, high quality construction and high level operation, and gradually come out of a green development road of "three chains integration" of innovation chain, industry chain and value chain.
Jiang Xuliang expressed his heartfelt thanks to Shen Yaping for his warm reception and briefly introduced the business strategy and distributed PV development of Huaneng Integrated Energy Company. He said that the two sides have already had a very good cooperation foundation and established a real two-way, mutually beneficial strategic cooperation. Huaneng Integrated Energy will effectively promote the construction of distributed photovoltaic projects, strive for early completion and early effect of the projects, and lay a good foundation for further deepening the strategic cooperation between the two sides.
In today's comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development, the cooperation between the two sides will help promote higher quality development, which is of great significance to implement the new development concept, promote the application of new energy and help the country achieve the goal of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality".
Li Zhao, Director of Operation and Maintenance Department, Tang Fenglai, Deputy Director of Development Department and Yang Qizhou, Business Manager of Huaneng Comprehensive Energy Engineering Department, He Liwan, Member of Party Committee and Technical Director of Zhongfu Xinzhi, Zhu Min, Manager of Enterprise Management Department and Chen Jia, Deputy Director of Party and Group Work Department attended the signing ceremony and discussion.

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