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Jiangsu Liberty Group Corp.
Corporate mission
We will make good use of resources and improve services
The spirit of enterprise
Integrity pragmatic, unity and upward
The cadre accomplishment
Reverence, gratitude, humility, decency
Core values
Innovation, performance, harmony, responsibility
Human environment
Three broad three forces (leniency, tolerance, loose environment and centripetal force, affinity, cohesion)
"Five have" cadres
Have learning ability, have market consciousness, have professional level, have professional dedication spirit, have thought state
The eight major methods of work
Five concentration, KPI index, zero inventory, instructor system, bid optimization, price and profit, core profit area, market competition and cooperation
"Six star" enterprise
Good performance, fine management, first-class environmental protection, well-known brand, advanced simplicity, safety and stability
Type four goals
Innovation-driven, quality and efficiency, manufacturing service and social responsibility
"Four" harmony
Harmony with nature, harmony with society, harmony with competitors, harmony with employees