Corporate values

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Corporate values

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Our company carries forward such core concept of China Building Materials Group as making good use of resource to serve for construction and upholds such core values of China Building Materials Group as innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility. Guided by technological innovation, we pursue the development road of green, low carbon, energy conservation and eco-friendly in an effort to put into place a base for the development, production and logistics of excellent plastic floor, glass fibre mat and functional composites, which is of the greatest market competitiveness of China, Asia and even the world, and to turn our company into a business characteristic of innovative performance, economical use of resources, environmental-friendly performance and bounden social responsibility. By creating opportunities for employees, platforms for competent people, value for our company, economic return for shareholders and wealth for the society, we shall spare no effort to become a respectable enterprise which will make contributions to the sustainable development of the industry and the society.