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China Composites (Changzhou) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

    Zhongfu (Changzhou) Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., positioned as the business platform for special fiberglass mat and functional materials, and the main operational body of Changzhou composites production base, is a holding subsidiary of China Composites Group Co., Ltd., under CNBM Limited, a H-listed company owned by CNBM, a central-owned world 500 fortune company and the world’s biggest comprehensive building material industrial group.
    Outstand in the new era and march on the new journey. The company will stay guided by the grand blueprint of Chinese path to modernization, implement the new development concept in an accurate and complete way, stay following CNBM group’s strategy, culture, guideline, management principles, operational measures and guiding principles known as “4335”, and target the new development objectives to benefit humankind with high-quality products. The company will seek growth in innovation, strengthen vitality with reform, and vigorously boost the development strategy featured by ONE mission (Materials Create a Better World), TWO main businesses (special fiberglass mat & functional materials) and Three Sectors (building decoration, home furnishing and transportation), collectively shortnamed as One-Two-Three strategy. The company will focus on two application fields (home furnishing & decoration), highlight landmark projects in tooling and transportation, leverage major advantages distinguished with seven characteristics and eight features, create development environment, ensure the fast and sustained growth of revenues, make the lead in the green low-carbon industry, keep increasing the “green” and “gold” content in industrial development, integrate environment-friendly and energy saving concept into the whole process starting from R&D, design to production, packing, sales and recovery. The company will quickly answer market demands, unswervingly transform towards digitalization, intelligence and being “green”, supply the society with ecological products and services, advocate green infrastructures, green buildings, green home furnishing and green transportation with green materials. The company will uphold the principle of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit, forge ahead with partners, to create a scenario with innovation jointly boosted, advantage complementarily leveraged and value commonly shared. The company will make itself a leading enterprise in the development and production of special fiberglass and functional materials, and make contributions to the saving of woods, rocks and other natural resources, the innovation and fast development of green materials, the protection of environment, the construction of a Beautiful China, and the realization of carbon peaking (by 2030) and carbon neutrality (by 2060) goals.

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